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     Paper Angle Board
Edgeguards material is made from multiple plies of laminated paper-board that are glued, treated and formed into rigid right angles of exceptional strength.
*  Find dozens of benefits with Edgeguards, including :
  • Cushions package edges against hard knocks 
  • Improves stacking strength. Saves space. Stacks loads higher during storage and transportation.
  • Protects loads against stretch wrap and strap indentation.
  • Provides an opportunity to use less stretch wrap or fewer straps, reducing overall packaging coast
  • Replaces expensive wood as in crates and skid tops
  • Available in standard leg lengths and thicknesses or can be custom-made
  • Facilities higher applied tension for superior load stability
Inner Diameter Protection
Edgeguards provides protection from 'C' hooks, strapping, chains and various other handing products. Edgeguards can also be made to customer specifications.
Outer Diameter Protector
Outer diameter protector protects the fragile outer edges of paper rolls, foils etc., from handling and transportation damages. Available in standard lengths and thickness or can be custom made.
Edge Protection
Edgeguards provides a buffer between the load and strapping to permit high tension without damage.
Reduces indentation caused by strapping.
Stacking Strength
Edgeguards reinforce loads to stack higher for maximum utilization of warehouse space.
Reduces product damage from crushing in stacking applications
Standard Sizes and Thicknesses
  Leg Width (in mm)  Thickness
 40 x 40  3.0
 40 x 40  3.5
 50 x 50  3.0
 50 x 50  5.0
 60 x 40  3.0
 75 x 75  3.0
 75 x 75  4.0
 75 x 75  5.0
 100 x 100  3.0
Other sizes available to meet your needs.
For more details on how Angleboard can help reduce your packing costs, write to us.
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